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VANDA has been the longest standing Boxing and Muay Thai gym in Singapore, helping the people of our city get fit for over 12 years! Based in the heart of CBD, we are constantly evolving our classes, our craft and our Personal Mentoring scheme, so we can help our members get better every day. Our coaching team is made up of experienced coaches who have either previously competed or currently are competing at National and International levels. Our membership offering, use of SMART wearables and approach to fitness is totally unique, and we welcome people of all levels.


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Lee Wharton

Lee Wharton

These pictures are 1 year apart and thats why, win or lose Saturday night, i'd recommend @vandafitsg and the White Collar experience to anyone!!! Get involved people!

One more training session tomorrow then its fight night.

Lets have a top night everyone!' Help Lee smash his fundraising goals & raise much needed funds for CSC here: www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/lee-wharton/

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Coach Ryan's Journey

I've been practicing Muay Thai for 10 years. Initially, I started out wanting to get fit, however, after practicing rigorously for 2 years, I found that fitness alone was not enough.

I decided to compete in Thailand as I wanted something more 'ultimate' and fulfilling. Going through the journey of competition preps and mind-numbing weight cuts for Muay Thai, I have learnt various methods of weight management.

My calling to take on coaching full time came when I realised that I enjoyed working with people and making a difference in people's lives through martial arts. I loved to see the jubilation when I see the smiles of people when they see visible transformation in their bodies and their lives.

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Clara's Transformation

I joined Vanda because I've always wanted to try combat sports. Though I joined because of boxing, I ended up falling in love with the Art of Eight Limbs - Muay Thai.

Training in Vanda was no doubt tough yet fun and fulfilling. Vanda pushed me through my limits repeatedly. Now, I run 8km every evening with the Competition Team.

Each and every coach in Vanda has truly inspired me in different ways. They are always willing to go the extra mile in everything. When I say everything, I really mean it. From correcting our technique, diet, and even caring for our personal well-being! To me, that was what made Vanda so unique compared to other gyms. I am proud to call Vanda my second home.

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Nizar Sultan

Nizar Sultan

I joined VANDA in July 2018 with the aim of improving my overall fitness.

Aside from the classes, I attended PT sessions and nutritional coaching. I really liked the programs I undertook, because it was progressive and was customized to take into consideration personal and work commitments. In and out of the gym, there was always open communication with the coaches and to date, the plan has helped me lose 9kg!

VANDA remains my personal sanctuary to get away from stress and bagwork STILL is the best way to clear my thoughts!

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Andrew's VERY special story

Growing up I always had the dream of being a pilot. After progressing through military pilot training I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 23. After successfully going through surgery and chemotherapy it was time to decide what was next for my career. I have now been in the health care industry for over 17 years and currently work for a global medical device company.

I have been to many gyms in the US, Asia and Europe and VANDA is one of my favourites. The best part about VANDA is the atmosphere that the coaches and staff create, they are always welcoming and pushing you to do better.

I worked out prior to joining VANDA, but after starting at VANDA I have really seen a difference in my weight, strength and overall energy levels.

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Nick Pang

Nick Pang

I weighed in at 138.5KG when I started training at VANDA at a friend's recommendation. Initially, I dreaded going back for training but I pressed on and noticed my fitness levels improving over time. With Coach Kelvin's guidance, I have lost more than 20KG and this is the greatest achievement in my life.

Through my journey at VANDA, I've learnt so much about the importance of nutrition and fitness. With a team of capable coaches at VANDA, I know I can push myself to achieve my fitness goal. I attribute my improved fitness levels to the good mix of cardio, bag work and strength and conditioning sessions the coaches design.

My advice for anybody overweight is to exercise in & out of VANDA, learn about your diet and watch over it and never give up.

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From a couch potato who hated exercise to daily indoor cycling & boxing was a challenging transition both physically and mentally. I took on this challenge three years ago, and I never looked back. I was amazed at my ability to wake up daily at 5:30 AM and again at 7:15 PM consistently and passionately for my spin & boxing classes.

The morning class with either Coach Ryan, Sam, or Mr "Joshua." has helped develop my upper body strength, improved my balance and my hand/eye coordination.

I love coming to Vanda and working out with Megan & Tavo! There's a combination of fun, friendship and occasional pain from this place I've grown to love! Thank you Vanda!

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Adam's Journey

I really admire the coaches here; Coach Ryan gives you technical advice during pad-work. Coach Dre has always been a huge inspiration for me! He leads by example, always going beyond regular coaching and guiding you in different variations of techniques that you can adopt.

When you are preparing for a competition, you have to give 120%. I gradually started to lose weight and the nutrition advice was crucial in the final preparations of my fight.

I love the people and atmosphere in VANDA, there is a wonderful vibe here. Every time you walk through the door, you see friends and family. If I had to pick the biggest lesson that i've learnt at VANDA, it is to respect people and respect the sport while enjoying the training process at the same time.

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Tavo Elias

Tavo Elias

My biggest life changing event was when I lost my job in 2009. I decided to move to UK in search for opportunities. A few days before I left I was offered another job in Spain, but I rejected it as my mind was set to leave.

Had I not taken the decision to leave, I wouldn't have found my wife nor adopted my cat. And I also wouldn't have found my way to Singapore.

I have taken many different sports in my life: football, tennis, swimming, climbing... Out of all of them, the hardest by far is boxing. It got me back in shape very quickly and gave me the discipline that I lacked in other sports. I'm more awake and aware; I'm full of energy even if I'm tired. And I have met a few people who I am now happy to call friends! Joining Vanda has given me a lot more than just a better physical shape".

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