What A Boxing Work-Out Looks Like At VANDA!

What A Boxing Work-Out Looks Like At VANDA!

When you make the decision to try out a new gym or a new type of exercise, you’ve already broken down a major barrier. However, many people feel nervous about trying a new workout when they don’t know quite what to expect. In this blog, we’ve provided an outline of what a typical boxing workout will entail. While every workout may be tailored to your current fitness levels and fitness goals, these are the basics of a traditional boxing workout. Remember, you can always adapt the boxing workout to focus on a key part of your body that you feel needs building or extra attention.

Getting Warmed Up

One of the key characteristics of a boxing workout is that you’re always on the go. That’s why a full head-to-toe warm-up is essential. Typically, this will a cardio warm-up. This will get your heart pumping and prepare your body for the energetic workout ahead.

Learning the Boxing Basics

The momentum will start to build up further as your boxing workout continues with a series of punches designed to perfect your basic techniques. This may be a series of Jab, Cross, Jab, Bob and Weave exercises or similar, with combinations building in complexity as you make progress. The technique is half the battle in boxing and this stage will get you to the right place.

Speed Training 

You’ll have built up quite a sweat by this point and the high energy levels continue with strength, conditioning and resistance exercise. A speed bag is typically used at this stage with the exercises specifically designed to enhance your overall boxing workout by working on muscle strength and endurance whilst building up speed.

This stage will last for 10 minutes, again with around three sets of three minutes apiece and brief rest stops in between. Remember, rest stops are kept to the absolute minimum in boxing – this workout is all about movement!

Hit Me Up

At this stage, your workout may continue with a whole series of high-intensity exercises to complement your boxing workout and technique including push-ups, squat thrusts, lunge thrusts and lateral leaps.

Alternatively, many boxing workouts will include timed hitting drills in a circui-style context that changes up your activities using heavy bags, shadow boxing and target shields to put your skills into action. Each interval will last two or three minutes with one minute to recover. This part makes up the bulk of your workout and can last up to 30 minutes or even longer. It’s tough but your strength and endurance will go through the roof after just a few sessions.

Cool Down

After that intensive anaerobic session, you’ll have around five minutes of cooldown time. This brings your heart rate gradually back to normal and ensures that you are stretched and flexed for optimum recovery.

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