3 Common Dieting Mistakes


As the saying goes “you are what you eat” so we all know that we’re only going to get the most out of our training by eating (and drinking) what’s best for us. There is a lot of advice out there and it can be difficult to wade through all the information to determine what you should, and will enjoy, eating. Before you throw away all the food in your fridge and jump onto the latest bandwagon food fad, take a few minutes to read the below on what Coach AJ has to say about dieting mistakes and how to avoid them.

1.Not tailoring their diets to their personal needs

Sorry my friend but let me kill your dreams right now. There is no such thing as a perfect diet. No one particular plan that can strip fat away and leave all the glistening muscle of Adonis below intact, regardless of your age, body type, training regime etc. All of our bodies react differently to varying amounts of macro & micronutrients, so why should one set plan work for everyone? Guidelines should form the core of your dieting principals, but if something isn’t working, lose it. Sylvester Stallone trained on an empty stomach while prepping for Rambo? Tell me about how he cut calories incrementally at the end of a grueling period featuring several months of carefully tailored dieting. The key point here is don’t assume that what worked for a high level athlete or coach potato will work for you. You just might fall somewhere in between.


2.Dropping or adding calories too fast

The body is a strange thing. It’s kind of like a new relationship, a little, in the way you’ve go to ease into it. Flirt with it a bit, give trinkets, and some TLC. That or you go in full throttle and scare her (or him of course) into getting a restraining order. The body doesn’t like drastic change and isn’t built to respond positively to it. Convincing your physical self to change takes time but most people want their dreams bodies right now and in some cases they wanted it yesterday. We all get it, you’re committed and you want results as fast as possible. However, adding or cutting calories drastically is a recipe for disaster. Look at adding 400-600 calories for weight gain (I say weight gain but all we really care about putting on is muscle) or subtracting 300-500 per day for fat loss. Observe how your body reacts and use as little calorie restriction as possible to get the results. Once that alteration stops yielding results, either modify calorie intake or look at adjusting your exercise program.


3.Thinking they can out train a bad diet


We all know the stories. Michael Phelps and his Olympian diet of 12,000 calories. Mariusz Pudzianowski and his 2,000 calorie lunchtime dessert. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but these guys live, eat and breathe their sport. Their sporting discipline is their livelihood and they have based their entire schedule around training for it. For the less fortunate men (and women) who have day jobs that require arduous hours of slogging at a desk, an hour or two of training per day can never justify the 2 waffles, chocolate croissant and cream cheese bagel that we just had for a breakfast “pick me up”. Lets get real here. A cheat MEAL or two is a psychological boost but don’t pretend we can succeed in our training goals without having to give up the life of a sweet craving ravenous 5 year old. Eat high quality nutrient dense foods that fulfill your macros and leave the cake where it should be. Your ex’s front door.

Till next time! – AJ



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