5 Reasons Boxing Is The Key To YOUR Fitness Journey

5 Reasons Boxing Is The Key To YOUR Fitness Journey

At VANDA we help you get better every day and while we know fitness and sucess can be a journey, there’s nothing wrong with wanting quick results. Especially when hard-earned results seem so timid and ready to hide behind the slightest bit of weight gain. 

Boxing has a lot to offer. Here’s why we think it’s the key to your fitness journey and achieving your fitness goals.

Fit and Fast

Every fitness journey has a tough start that requires a boat load of motivation to get the ball rolling. Boxing delivers here by burning hundreds of calories an hour and improving your fitness levels quickly. It’ll help you drop fat faster than Amir Khan hits the canvas! These early quick wins in your fitness journey help you stick to your plan. Everyone knows that a plan is only as good as your commitment to it. 


Through these early wins, improvements in fitness and body composition you’ll gain confidence. You’ll be pushed forward by your new-found fitness and start to love your new sport – boxing. A greater sense of confidence is something most of us would like to have and it escapes so many of us. Boxing supplies confidence by the bucket load – you’ll know how to handle yourself and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

Career Benefits

Boxing has a huge number of benefits that extend far beyond the walls of Vanda’s boxing gym in Singapore. Your self-discipline and mental toughness will reach all areas of your career. The stress reduction achieved in boxing is second to none and you’ll feel like a new person each time you leave our boxing classes here in Singapore. 


There is a huge sense of enjoyment that each and every one of our members achieves. Pushing yourself hard with a bunch of likeminded people is great fun. You’ll make new friends if you want to and find out what you’re capable of.

The Fifth Reason

The fifth reason that boxing will be the key to your fitness journey is one you have to discover yourself. One that only you can experience: the sheer rush of positive endorphins that follows each workout. It’s hard to quantify or describe but you’ll leave the gym with a big grin on your face and a spring in your step – once you’ve recovered any way!

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