5 reasons to start a midlife Muay Thai!

5 reasons to start a midlife Muay Thai!

Do you feel like you’re too old to learn something new? Past your prime? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to try a Martial Art but think the time has now gone?

Think again! At VANDA, we’re all about a positive mindset – if you want to achieve something, believe in yourself and do it!

In fact, midlife could be the ideal time to pick up a new hobby. Think about it: as you enter your 30s, 40s and even 50s, your interests and priorities change, as do some body aspects like muscle density and metabolism.

A Martial Art, like kickboxing, is a fantastic way to counterbalance these physiological phenomena whilst giving you access to new fitness, life-skills and even the gradual mastery of an artform.

Taking up a Martial art for the first time may seem daunting, but you’ll reap the rewards ten-times over when it comes to both your mind and body.

Let’s look at VANDA’s 5 indisputable reasons to start midlife martial arts.

Improve your mental health

You may not immediately associate Muay Thai or kickboxing with mental health but practising such sports can have a positively profound impact on the brain. Taking part in such stress-busting activity can be beneficial to all but may be particularly helpful if you’re in a stressful job, work long hours or have a challenging family situation.

Taking up martial art in your 40s or 50s is a great way to reduce built-up pressure, reduce negative thoughts and increase self-control. Studies have shown that as you get older, martial arts training can improve a person’s emotional well-being, can increase alertness as well as improving long-term attention span.

As you’ll be learning new skills that require careful thought process, you’ll be using your brain in a different way than you do at work or at home.

Increase your self-confidence


Strongly linked with mental health is your self-confidence. Punching bags, kicking pads and learning masterful techniques gives you a revitalised self-belief which will transpire throughout you’re the rest of your day-to-day life. Whether it’s at work or in your social life, you’ll develop a new-found mentality of being able to tackle anything and overcome challenges you’d previously thought too difficult. How does this work? During your training sessions you’ll constantly be overcoming mini-challenges and conquering things you didn’t think you could – this all plays massively into improving your self-confidence outside of the gym.

Plus, as you’ll be learning a form of self-defence after all, you’ll have a totally new level of self-confidence wherever you go.

Work wonders on your fitness and health


Martial arts training will bring a whole plethora of benefits to your body and physical shape. Taking part in regular sessions will see you work your upper body, lower body, core, perform body-weight exercises, move and lift weights, plus putting your body through a raft of new stretches and movements. Best of all you don’t have to spend hours on the treadmill!

So, what does all this achieve? Over time you’ll notice an improvement to your physique, strength, more muscle tone and a loss in weight if combined with the right diet. A major benefit of performing this type of exercise is that it will get the blood pumping around your whole body, working your lungs and exercising your heart muscles. Improving your overall heart health decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease, actively lowers your blood pressure and increases arterial elasticity which has been directly associated with ageing.

Increases your flexibility and range of motion

As you get older your muscles become tighter and your tendons become more rigid – you might have started t

o notice this when you’re getting out of bed in the morning! This natural stiffness makes it easier to injure yourself, which puts a lot of middle-aged people off exercising in the first place.

We’ll admit, your first few sessions may be tough. You’ll probably think your flexibility has worsened and stiffness increased! Fear not, this is expected and just a consequence of using some muscles and tendons in a way you probably haven’t for a long time. Soon you’ll start to notice vast improvements which you can take through to your every day life.

Meet new people and make friends

Taking part in martial arts puts you at the centre of mini-community. You might start your journey with a family member, which is a great way to try something new together, but it’s clear that right from the start you’ll be meeting and training with new people. For some getting older can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be – try a martial art and reap the benefits!

Do not let age get in the way. Embrace where you currently are in your life, whether it’s heading into 40 or the other side of 60 – it doesn’t matter at VANDA, we’ll help create the best version of you! Practising a martial art is a functional type of fitness that will feed your body, mind and soul with multiple benefits on a number of levels, or on the most basic level it will let you have fun and blow off some steam!

So if you think it might be time for YOU to take up Muay Thai, take a free trial today! 

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