5 things Muay Thai training can bring you outside of fitness!

5 things Muay Thai training can bring you outside of fitness!

Muay Thai classes can help many aspects of your life. It allows you to be more productive, less stressed and improves your focus. Here are 5 things learning Muay Thai will bring to your life!

1. Discipline inside and outside of the gym.

Learning a martial art takes time and repetition. It would be easy to become discouraged when you fail to pick up a certain technique as fast as you would like, but a core principle of every martial art discipline is tenacity.
That means you keep at it, doing your drills over and over until you get it right. This is how you build character.
Tenacity, discipline, and concentration are life skills that translate from the confines of martial arts into the real world. These life skills help you put in extra effort every day while remaining laser-focused on your long-term goals. In the end, you will find yourself ahead of the pack in whatever you set out to achieve.

2. Goodbye stress!

Stress can have both a physical and mental effect on you. It will affect your concentration, which in turn will decrease your efficiency and make it hard for you to operate productively. Stress also means you can overlook things and lead to details being missed. Stress also has a large effect on your mood and the way you interact with people!

Muay Thai gives you a medium to release your stress and tensions by kicking and punching and working up a sweat. As with many martial arts disciplines, Muay Thai involves meditation and breathing exercises, which relax the body as well as the mind. This helps you calm down and expel any stress.

3. Sleep like a baby

Exercise breeds many good things, but one crucial thing it does it help you to sleep better. In the case of Muay Thai lessons, after you have exhausted the body and cleared your head you will be able to sleep much deeper and quicker, ensuring your body gets maximum recovery time.

4. Patience is a virtue you now have!

Our coaches and members alike will tell you, they did not learn the art of Muay Thai instantly! It takes time and patience to learn the craft and the journey is not always easy.

If you are someone who is impatient or wants immediate return then learning our sport will be good for you! The patience you can learn in Muay Thai lessons can be used in multiple aspects of your life, such as work, relationships and other sports.

5. Break up your day

Getting away from your desk and turning your focus to something different can do wonders for your day. At VANDA we have Muay Thai classes during your lunch break and before and after work, so you can always get your workouts in.

You can kick-start your day, switching your focus and getting your heart rate up! Attending a Muay Thai lesson in your day can help you rid of stress and spark your mood you’re your day is more productive and successful than ever.

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