5 Ways The Right Gym in Singapore Will Get You Fit!

5 Ways The Right Gym in Singapore Will Get You Fit!

The right boxing gym will get you fit, and fast. It will teach you valuable lessons beyond the proper technique. The right boxing gym in Singapore could be just around the corner from your work and there might be boxing classes there too!

But how will a good boxing gym get you fit? And what are these lessons you can learn?

Real, hard, physical work

You’ll learn the value of real, physical, sweat-inducing hard work. In the right boxing gym you’ll be pushed harder than you thought possible. The boxing classes will teach you proper technique and challenge you, physically and mentally. That’s before we even look at the benefits of stress reduction from working out at VANDA!

A Warm Community

A boxing gym worth going to will have a warm community and you’re going to slot right in. That community will keep you on your toes. You’ll learn new techniques from them and be supported when you’re having a tough day or week!

A Leveller of People

Boxing is a great way to level a person. It humbles people and it will humble you. When you first step inside a boxing gym you will be nervous. The hard work of others, the dedication and determination on display every day will inspire you to become more.

Smart Tech

Regardless of which boxing gym in Singapore that you choose – having the latest tech can take your fitness to the next level. It might sound like a gimmick, but having the latest tech gives you all the information you need to plan for progress. We even wrote a blog post about the benefits of the VANDA Toolkit and how it will get you in the best shape of your life. Boxing classes become more than a simple workout – each class becomes a checkpoint for progress!


Having a personal mentor makes everything easier. Confusion about what goals you should be chasing vanishes. Workouts are no longer left to guesswork and you can make the most of the boxing gym. Your weaknesses will become learning opportunities and you’ll develop faster than ever before.

We aim to offer all of these things and more at VANDA, we truly believe we are the best boxing gym in Singapore. We have a long history of providing excellent boxing classes. Our warm community challenges you each and every time you step foot in our boxing gym. Our personal mentors are included in the price of our membership, so you’re guided through your boxing journey by our in-house experts.

We’d love to welcome you to our boxing gym in Singapore – have a free trial on us.

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