7 tips for a successful 17

7 tips for a successful 17

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2017 is here and already those resolutions are looking a little ambitious but don’t beat yourself up about it. Take the long-term approach by following these 7 principles to make sure you have a successful 2017!

1.Be prepared to put in the work.

BoxingNothing worth doing comes easy. If you want to have a great year, embrace the fact that you need to work hard. Sometimes sleepless nights, exhausting days, and a few more tasks than you thought you could handle is what it takes to achieve your goals.


2. Let go of the past.

Muay Thai“Don’t look backwards, you aren’t going that way.” – Ragnar from Vikings (brilliant show). If you spend all your time looking into the past and dwelling on what you have done, or what has happened you will not be able to focus on what needs to be done. Looking into the past limits your creativity in coming up with solutions for the future.


3.Find a mentor.

TrainingNo amount of reading or watching YouTube videos can replace a great trainer. On your own you can gather huge amounts of information and develop to a certain extent, however the best way to figure out how to succeed in a task is by asking someone who has already done it. Find someone you can trust, someone who will believe in you, and someone that can give you a realistic outside perspective to guide you. Having a mentor can assist with managing stress as well as provide a useful source of guidance.


4. Don’t worry about what you can’t control.


Not everything always works out, and sometimes it’s a good thing. You may have planned a run for Friday but instead it rains. Wasting energy and emotions on things you can’t control is counter-productive. Bruce Lee said to be like water. Put water in a glass, it becomes the glass. Be ready to change and adjust. Roll with the punches.


5. Be balanced.

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When I was younger I trained 6 hours a day. I wanted to be the best as quickly as possible. However the greatest teacher is time. I would over train and end up being too sore, or getting injured. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and not everything you wish for will come to fruition over night. Remember to stay balanced. See your friends. Spend time with your family. Work hard, but don’t forget to relax.


6. Focus on today.

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Long term goals are great and you should always have them. However, if you don’t get todays goals accomplished the long term goals will surely fail. Even if you only move 1 stone a day, and it takes you all day to just accomplish that, eventually you can build a house. If however you spend everyday talking about these great plans for building the coliseum without ever moving that 1 rock you set out to move today, it will never be built.


7. Constantly set achievable goals.

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Little goals. I won’t eat a cookie at lunch. I will get 2 more push ups today than yesterday. I will get my spread sheets finished for work 30 minutes early. Small, obtainable consistent goals will eventually lead to success in the long run. That new body you want wont have rippling 6 pack abs on Chinese new year but in 6 months, by achieving the little milestones, you can make massive strides towards having the body (and life) you truly want.

Until next time – Walter

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