A Simple Guide To Dropping A Few lbs!

A Simple Guide To Dropping A Few lbs!

Most people begin their quest into martial arts in the hope of getting a martial arts body. They want their very own Muay Thai body transformation, complete with before and after pictures. But it’s not easy. Life doesn’t wait for you to finish your Muay Thai body transformation before throwing stress at you. There’s a reason that everyone isn’t walking around with martial arts bodies. 

But, that’s where we can help. We’ve written a simple guide to help you get started and to help you realise that it’s not actually complicated. But, it is hard work. 

Calories Count

The dreaded phrase. Nobody wants to read this, but it’s true. If you want to lose weight, fat in particular, for a consistent period of time – you should track your calories. It’s easier than ever before – you’ve got apps telling you what’s in your food and you can track it without typing a single word. So, there really isn’t an excuse to not knowing how many calories you eat. Your Personal Mentor will be there every step of the way advising you on good food choices! 

When you’re doing your own Muay Thai body transformation, find an app or tracking method that suits you. There’s a lot of choice and some are better suited to certain people than others.

Foods: Make It Easy On Yourself

We’re not talking about eating whatever you want or removing all temptation from your home. No. We’re talking about allowing yourself some pleasures. Don’t abstain from all things delicious for the whole week and wonder why you’ve eaten an entire cheesecake on Sunday. 

Allow yourself to have small treats and you’ll be on track for your martial arts body in no time. You’re not here to punish yourself and you’ve still got to enjoy your life.

Don’t Punish Yourself

During your Muay Thai body transformation you may think you need to complete ‘epic’ workouts and eat lettuce all week. It’s not true. Sure, you need to work out and watch what you eat. But, your body isn’t a machine and you need to care for it. If you punish yourself, you’ll end up under nourished and injured. It’s not the way to a martial arts body. 

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