A VANDA Trial- What To Expect!

A VANDA Trial- What To Expect!

VANDA means many things to many people. Some people see us as a Fight Club in CBD, the White Collar gym, some know us as the Kickboxing Club in Singapore and back when we where Vanda Boxing Club, we were even at times seen as the local MMA School!

But VANDA is totally unique and more than ever, we are unlike any other Boxing school or Muay Thai gym in Singapore! That’s why we want to invite YOU in for a free trial…

A VANDA Muay Thai or Boxing trial allows you a chance to step inside the gym and try our sports and our space for yourself! We know sometimes a boxing ring can look scary, or the thought of Muay Thai for beginners can be daunting, but at VANDA we welcome people of any age, experience and fitness level to take part in our free trial!

This is how a VANDA Boxing trial works in a few simple steps…

  1. As soon as you walk in the door you will be greeted by one of our friendly front of house staff, who will show you round VANDA and then introduce you to one of our coaches!

  1. You coach will talk you through some of the ToolKit and show you some of our SMART wearables. Your coach will then teach you how to wrap your hands and then depending on your experience level, your coach will show you how to shadow box.

  1. Then it’s time to put your gloves on and do some 1:1 pad-work, perfecting your punches thanks to the advice of our team!

  1. We will then ask you to take part in one of our classes, so you can meet some of VANDA Family and get the sense of why our sessions are so special!

  1. Once you’ve got your sweat on it’s time to chill! Grab a drink from our fridge and have a chat with our team.

We know you want to take part now! Sign up for YOUR free trial today to join VANDA: https://vanda.fit 

Book YOUR free Trial at VANDA today!