An Introduction To Sparring

An Introduction To Sparring

You’ve been smashing your boxing lessons in Singapore and you feel like you’ve got the skills to step inside the ring boxing. 

It’s no joke when you first step inside the ring, boxing suddenly becomes real. 

Vital Part Of Development

There aren’t many of us who can develop beyond a certain skill level without sparring. No matter how many boxing lessons in Singapore you take. 

Two Types of Sparring

There are two major types of sparring that boxers undertake. You’ll probably discover them where you’re boxing in Singapore gyms. 

Situational Sparring

This is when two boxers step inside the ring to perfect a specific skill or movement. One boxer may wish to learn, or improve their ability to get off of the ropes when they’re under pressure. So, the two boxers will continually work on this skill, over and over. You won’t find that kind of specificity in boxing lessons in Singapore – or anywhere else!

All Out Sparring

This is the sparring that you probably saw when you first started boxing in Singapore gyms. There aren’t any conditions or limitations placed on the fighters in this type of sparring. They step inside the ring, boxing their hearts out. 

The major differences between this sparring and a real fight is the additional headgear for protection, the coaches acting as the officials and the ability to stop whenever they wish. 

We don’t mean to run away screaming. It gives the coaches the opportunity to stop the fight to… well, coach!

It’s easy to see how this plays a major role in any boxer’s skillset. So, if you’re looking to step inside the ring boxing, or Muay Thai we’d love to hear from you. Our members are part of a welcoming community that work together, and alone, to reach their goals. 

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