Bad Habits That Hold You Back

Bad Habits That Hold You Back

You might be a part of the best boxing community and work hard in your boxing personal training sessions in Singapore. But your progress has stalled. You’re spinning your wheels despite working hard and your motivation is starting to run out. 

What can you do? See our post on habits, sign-up to our boxing personal training in Singapore and check below for your bad habits:

1. A lack of sleep

Even the best boxing personal training in Singapore can’t get you to bed on time. Getting a good amount of sleep will help you rest and recover. Recovery is key to continued progress over the years. Not only will you progress, but you’ll be more prepared for whatever our boxing community has in store for you. 

2. Mindless Eating

We’ve all done it. You’re walking through the kitchen at work to grab a coffee and there are cakes staring right at you. You grab one, without thinking about it. Later in the day, your colleagues are handing around biscuits and you take a few, delicious. You go home and your kids have just finished eating their supper – you eat their leftovers. Before you know it you’ve eaten hundreds and hundreds of extra calories. When you go to your boxing personal training in Singapore you can’t understand why you haven’t lost weight in your latest weigh in. 

3. Consistently Pushing Yourself Too Hard

It’s all the rage these days to espouse high intensity interval training and post videos of yourself collapsed on the floor after a monstrously hard work out. HIIT is an excellent tool in your arsenal and working hard cannot be avoided. But there is a definite difference between working hard and beating yourself up. 

Knowing the difference between giving 100% all the time and knowing when to back is important. It will help you avoid injuries and continue making progress for years to come. Do you really think that the best athletes and fighters go at 100% of their work capacity all the time? Even though they have excellent trainers, genetics and equipment – they know when to back off. At the Vanda boxing community we’re always here to help. Our boxing personal training in Singapore is some of the best, with trainers who have been in the ring. They’ve lived through the real deal, made mistakes and learned from them. We’d love to have you around for a boxing free trial. If you do want to book a boxing free trial please click here

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