Becoming a student of the game

Becoming a student of the game

Boxing is the oldest form of combat yet many people never fully understand why we call boxing the sweet science. To the untrained eye boxing is merely about being fastest or strongest puncher and someone with overwhelming physical ability in either is the one destined for championships, wealth and greatness. Fighters and trainers alike know that to be far from true. Boxing is complex and is the comparison to physical chess is more than accurate. For a master boxer, each step has a purpose, each punch, shift in body weight, placement of their foot and even each punch not thrown has a significance and role to play in the fight.

Floyd Mayweather may perhaps be the most astute of modern day boxers at gathering information on his opponents then breaking them down over 12 rounds. Gifted with reflexes and a razor sharp understanding of the game of boxing he’s gone 49 fights undefeated (soon to be 50 if that charade of a fight between him and McGregor comes to fruition). Here’s a video of him hitting the bags and a look into his thought process.

Another one of his assets includes the art of adjustment. Mayweather studies (and in the process of studying sometimes, though quite rarely, makes mistakes) and mentally breaks down his opponents moves albeit at a pace that few have the ability to do. Here’s a few film study done by a famous YouTuber that shows his amazing acumen.

The following video is also a good study in how to counter southpaws and vice versa.

Remember that your trainer is there to coach but only 2-3 hours a day is spent with him. With access to YouTube your learning process as a fighter should not only take place in the gym but also through film study. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can pull off a move or a punch after watching it once. Application is only viable through countless hours of drill work and sparring. Having the sense of mind to execute a strategy is a whole different ball game. But on the topic of learning and mastering the sweet science do not confine yourself to just training. Be a student of the game.


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