Boxing for Beginners: 4 vital tips for success!

Boxing for Beginners: 4 vital tips for success!

So you’re completely new to boxing, aka The Sweet Science, and not sure where to start? Don’t’ sweat it, Vanda Boxing Club has your back with these 4 crucial steps that will give you a great foundation to be the best boxer you can be.

  1. Wrapping your hands
    Before you even step into the ring, you’ll need to make sure you protect your most valuable asset – those paws of yours. Wrapping your hands correctly is crucial in protecting the small bones in the hand, keeping the skin on the knuckles from tearing and helping prevent you from spraining your wrists when delivering a solid punch.

  1. Your boxing stance
    Boxing is all about the upper body, right? Think again, as your footwork will be important in creating the power necessary to throw those punches and it all starts with your boxing stance. Get your feet placement right and tip no.3 will be a breeze…

  1. Move like a Butterfly
    If you want to emulate the words of the great Muhammad Ali then nailing your footwork will be next on your to-do list. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Although the movement can initially feel counterintuitive, the path to boxing greatness can only be achieved with you feet leading the way so make this drill is part of your daily routine!


  1. The Mighty Jab
    Whether you’re boxing training for fitness or preparing to step into the ring for a bout, the jab will be the most versatile punch at your disposal. Used to find range on a target, set up combinations/power punches, and even for defense, the jab is the beginning of your boxing story so make sure you’re able to deliver it well!


Now you’ve got the basics nailed down, you’re well on your way to becoming a bona fide boxing badass. For more advice boxing technique, click here and thank us later 😉

– Team VBC

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