Boxing Myths Dispelled

Boxing Myths Dispelled

There is a great deal of misinformation and mythology that you might have heard in your boxing gym in Singapore – and around the world. We all know that fitness is rife with misinformation. When it comes to boxing many of us are more ‘Stony’ than ‘Rocky’- stuck in the stone age of fitness knowledge. 

We’re taking a look at a few myths and giving you the up to date info. Next time you’re in your boxing club in Singapore, you can give it a try. 

Myth: Long Distance Running Is The Best And Only Cardio For Boxers

Whether this was fuelled by epic scenes of Rocky Balboa treading the steps or not, we’re not sure. You won’t see any boxers in the ring, looking like long distance runners and long distance running is an aerobic exercise. Whereas boxing is mainly anaerobic (two different energy systems in your body).

The alternative: Anaerobic exercises like high intensity interval training and other short burst type exercises should be the mainstay of training. The next time you’re training in our boxing club in Singapore – check out our circuit training style workouts. Or alternatively you can join one our road running sessions! 

Myth: Strength Training Will Make You: Slow, inflexible, tire quickly

Weight training is a form of anaerobic training. Boxing is a sport which relies heavily on the anaerobic system. You can see the crossover straight away there.  All else being the same, when two boxer step inside the ring, the strongest will win. Notice we said, if all else is the same. 

Focusing on using moderate to heavy weights in power building type exercises will increase your power. There aren’t many boxers in your boxing gym in Singapore who don’t want more power!

Myth: All Foods Eaten in The Evening Are Stored As Fat

No, they’re not. We’re not sure why people believe this old myth. But we can’t see why your body would simply decide that from 7.01pm anything you eat would turn into fat. If the human body were that simple, and frankly ridiculous, we’re not sure we’d have made it this far. 

It is true that your metabolism will have peaks and troughs throughout the day. But they’re not for you to worry about – you can’t control them anyway. The next time someone in your boxing community tells you not to eat that banana after you class at 8.30pm – just smile and nod. 

Why not come down to our boxing community and see how we’re taking boxing out of the stone age? We even offer a free trial, so you can try a class with us today! 

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