Boxing Myths Exposed

Boxing Myths Exposed

Boxing has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years as many more gym goers have become aware of its unique range of benefits including strength training, overall body conditioning and stronger mental endurance. However, as with anything that gains a high profile, a number of myths have emerged along with it.

We cannot champion the merits of boxing highly enough which is why we’d like to use today’s post to debunk the most popular boxing myths and separate fact from fiction.

Discipline and Control

boxingBoxing is often dismissed or oversimplified as a brutal sport that is all about two people punching each other until one falls down and cannot get up. This could not be further from the truth! It is actually an extremely skilled exercise that requires strength, stamina, mental agility and focus.

When you think about a real fight, there are some common denominators. The individuals are often frenzied, throwing punches here and there, and aiming to knock their opponent out once and for all to gain their victory.

Boxing could not be more different. This is a sport that requires extreme focus, discipline and self-control. A boxing class teaches all of these skills in a safe and controlled environment where every individual is focused on improving their own strength, stamina and agility, as opposed to focusing outwards on toppling their opponent.

There are many rules that participants must observe, such as not hitting an opponent below the belt. Participants are always expected to show each other respect, and the focus is on a powerful, skilled workout as opposed to winning. In addition, and contrary to popular belief, boxing is not dangerous. There is always an official who will stop the match before anyone can get seriously hurt.


Battle of the Sexes?

female boxing

Another common myth is that women aren’t strong enough for boxing. You’d be surprised how often we hear this nonsense banded around even in 2018. The truth is, anyone male or female, super-skinny or built, can be strong enough for boxing. That’s because this is a sport based on skill and technique. Strength still plays a role in your boxing class but it all comes as part of an overall endurance package that you will develop over time.

As you advance your boxing prowess, you will gain the muscles and strength needed to improve your game – that is primarily the glutes and the quads. The most skilled boxers learn how to leverage their body weight, assess their opponent and his/her movement to connect and make the right impact.

When you attend a boxing class, there will often be a lot of sparring involved which proves just how important it is to develop your focus and agility above all else. You will also learn how to transfer your strength to make an impact.


The Truth about Boxing


As you can see, boxing really does not deserve the bad rep. This is an exercise used by some of the most renowned athletes worldwide to improve their physical capabilities and overall strength. If you fancy joining the big-timers with your own boxing workout, come on down to Vanda Boxing Club and join a class. We guarantee you will love it!

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