Calories Count, Here’s How to Make it Stick

Calories Count, Here’s How to Make it Stick

In your quest for a martial arts body you’ve probably tried many different things. You might have signed up to a boxing gym in Singapore or tried Muay Thai lessons in Singapore, but you’re still stuck spinning your wheels. 

You haven’t made the progress you wanted to and you’re no closer to the martial arts body of your dreams. We’ve got a few tips that, if followed, will help you achieve your body goals. 

Calories Count

We all know it’s true, but so many of us try to get around it or ignore it completely. 

  1. Calculate how many calories you need to maintain your bodyweight using a calculator like this one here.
  2. It’ll even let you pick your goals and calculate your calorie requirements based on your goals.

That’s the Easy Bit

Okay, so that’s the really easy bit. Anyone can calculate what they need to eat, but sticking to it – that’s much harder. 

We’ve got a few tried and true strategies that have helped us achieve our martial arts bodies and make the most of our Muay Thai lessons in Singapore. 

Think Weekly

It’s easy to throw in the towel when you’ve eaten too much on one day. But, if you take a weekly view you make things easier on yourself. Over eaten on one day by 1000kcals of cake? No worries, make up for it later in the week. 

Create Calorie Buffers

If you know you’re going to a party later that week, don’t slip up earlier in the week. On the day of the party make sure you eat plenty of protein but keep your overall calories low before the big night. Protein will keep you full, but you’ll have extra spare calories. Martial arts body? Within reach!

Protein Please

Protein is our favourite of all the macronutrients. Yeah, we have a favourite. It keeps you full, helps you repair and grow new muscle ready for your next visit to the boxing gym in Singapore. There’s also some evidence that protein has a higher ‘thermic affect’ than other foods. That means you use a small portion of the calories you eat from protein, to digest the food. 

Say Hello

If you’re still no closer to your martial arts body, we’d love to help you out. We’ve got many Muay Thai lessons in our Singapore gym. We even offer a free trial to let you test the water.

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