Common Strength Training Mistakes to Avoid

Common Strength Training Mistakes to Avoid

Most people that embark on their journey with the Vanda boxing community aren’t training for their world title fight. Believe it or not – they’re normal people who want to get into better shape, grow their confidence and enjoy themselves in the process.

Many of our members undertake boxing personal training in Singapore to accelerate the process, but for those who don’t – we’ve still got you covered. Every member gets our FREE Personal Mentoring scheme, with a bespoke fitness plan created to help you achieve your goals! Success is not just found the ring, it is found in the free weights section at VANDA, during our road running sessions and in the kitchen! Strength training takes many forms, but here are a few common strength training mistakes to avoid.

The More Is Better Mindset

When people start training for fitness or in preparation for a boxing competition in Singapore, they often think that more (of everything) is better. More weight, more reps, more sets and more cardio. 

If you’re interested in gaining strength, avoiding injury and progressing in your boxing training – you should train with weights. Most of our boxing community members will attest to that!

A common error is too complete too many exercises, too many sets and too much work overall. You can receive a huge number of benefits from training with proper form, for the optimum numbers of sets. While this will differ from person to person, you’re better to err on the side of caution and train with only a few sets initially – building up over time.

Training Like Mr Olympia 

You often see people who haven’t had boxing personal training in Singapore (or elsewhere) performing 1000 sets of bicep curls. But that’s not what will benefit your boxing. 

If you’re training for a boxing competition in Singapore, you’ve got to bear in mind that you rarely see bodybuilders in the ring! So, you’re better off avoiding many of the ‘isolation’ exercises that target smaller muscle groups (unless for a specific injury). 

Training using ‘compound’ exercises (that target many muscle groups at once) provides you with your best return on investment. Exercises like the deadlift, squat and bench press promote the best overall response for natural trainees – less time spent doing them and more time earning results. 


If you’d like to prepare for a boxing competition in Singapore, or just want to become the best version of yourself – our boxing community is here to help. We offer boxing personal training in Singapore (as part of our membership price!) so you can accelerate your progress. 

Why not get in touch, we offer a free trialand we’d love to meet you. 

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