Drop Fat Fast With VANDA

Drop Fat Fast With VANDA

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Even if the smell of Brussel sprouts lingers all the way into Jan! Your December was no doubt filled to the brim with food, family and all of the festive beverages you can fit in, but it all comes at a cost this side of 2019.

Are your jeans feeling like they’ve shrunk in the tumble dryer, or that work skirt is feeling a little tighter than before? 

VANDA Has The Answer To The ‘Little Extra’ You’ve Added Over Xmas

Vanda boxing has got the answers when it comes to the extra few lbs you’ve accumulated over Christmas. We can get you fit and fast! 

What makes VANDA your boxing club of choice in Singapore?

It’s simple really. Our community. It’s second to none. It’s hard to argue against having a community to support you, push you and guide you. All of our members have been on the same journey as you the one you are just starting – so they’ll help you avoid the same mistakes they made.

We like to think that healthy competition between our members drives the community spirit and helps our members toachieve their goals.

Fat Loss With Boxing: It’s Going To Happen

Okay, so if the community isn’t what you’re in this for, don’t worry. We’ve got classes that will get you fit and fast. Ifyou’re looking for a boxing gym in Singapore – we have all of the boxing drills you could ask for.

Boxing is, what we like to think of as, the ultimate fitness tool. You can burn up to 800 Calories in a single hour of boxing. Imagine doing an hour work out a day, weighing in after one week andfinding you’ve lost nearly 2 lbs.

If you haven’t yet tried to form a plan with your personal mentor – you might just be missing out. They’re on hand (and included in your membership) with years of experience in fitness, boxing and Muay Thai to help you reach your fitness goals and maybe even benefit other areas of your life. [WR1] 

Take THE Leap

If you’re looking to get fit fast or just want a gym that doesn’t judge. We have a welcoming community that will help you on your fitness journey and we would love to hear from you. If you just want to try out VANDA and become a better you this year- you can have a free trial on us.

 [WR1]Link to career benefit from boxing

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