Get in the right headspace for your session!

Get in the right headspace for your session!

Are you busy at work, with some serious pressure from your boss? Or maybe you’re trying to get 1000 spreadsheets done, with a big meeting Friday!

These are all the kinds of distractions that can clog our brain. These things can keep us up at night, prevent us from doing our best at work, and absolutely WRECK what could have been a good workout.


Taking a class always helps because having people around you working hard. Or a great coach pushing you can get you out of this repetitive thought process. But being in the right headspace can make or break if you get the job done, the work out you want, or even just a good night sleep. When you are the most zoned into what we are doing is often when you get the best results, but in order to get zoned in you have to first tune out the distractions.

Writers call the most creative periods a “flow state.” During a flow state is when you are your most creative, your most focused, your most tuned out to all the noise that slowly fills your brain as your day goes on. When you first wake up in the morning is often a flow state, or when you’re half asleep before bed. A flow state is when you are not fully conscious and alert to the world around you, but still in tune with your thoughts as they are flowing freely without being tied down to all the things going on in your life. One of the greatest ways to achieve this creative state is through exercise.

Getting in the mind set to have a good training session can make or break whether or not we achieve what we are looking to achieve in the gym. Some ways to set yourself up for success can be really easy, and useful to get all the clutter out of your head. Clear your thoughts. Take a deep breath. Put on some music if that helps you relax and unwind. There is no reason to rush to the gym, we have so many classes, it will be there. Take your time and get your mind right first.

Get in the right headspace for your session

As you head to the gym, put some headphones on, start getting in the zone 15 to 30 minutes before you arrive. Legendary MMA coach Bas Rutten says, “talk to yourself.” Tell yourself:

  • You’re going to dominate this workout.
  • This is going to be awesome, you’re going to work harder than ever.
  • You’re the champ, you’re a tiger, you’re going to kick this workouts butt!

Let it build up and feel the energy of what you’re about to do rise inside of you. Slowly but surely all the noise in your brain will work its way out. Right now you’re hyped up telling yourself this is YOUR time to kill it.

Once you get to the gym don’t let these thoughts stop when training begins. As your workout starts put your mind on things that fuel and inspire your training.

Putting yourself in this headspace will close out all the other windows of distraction in your mind. This will help you have a fantastic workout every time. You will be in the kind of flow state that will lead to some of your most creative thoughts, and a sense of peace when you finish. You will go home, or to work with a better attitude and a renewed ability to focus on what you want to improve. You’ll happier, more productive, and sleep better and achieve your goals in no time!

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