Get Lean The VANDA Way!

Get Lean The VANDA Way!

Every member at VANDA has a unique goal and we hear a lot of people wanting to get lean! Getting lean helps you feel good in clothes or to perform better at your chosen sport, having a lean body is a common goal amongst the VANDA fam! Our members have chosen Boxing and Muay Thai as their sport of choice to help them smash their goals, is your goal to get lean?

Getting there and importantly maintaining your lean physique is a challenge. There are many fad diets, quick fixes and endless cardio that people resort to and within a few weeks you either see no or little results.

Here at VANDA we encourage goal setting to promote a plan of action towards a specific target. Setting goals and having an idea of what you would like to look and feel like is your first step! So if your goal is to get lean, then you have come to the right blog!

Eat and Eat Again

Eating little and often goes hand in hand with keeping your fat burning metabolism ticking over. With your metabolism firing all day every day, the food you eat can then be used as fuel for your increased exercise regime.

Up until now you have probably been eating 3 larger meals a day and maybe even skipping breakfast altogether due to a hectic lifestyle. By doing this your body is storing these larger meals as fat and your metabolism is stopping and starting throughout the day making it sluggish and often ineffective. Eat more and more often to keep your metabolism in that fat burning lean building range, plus it will give you the much-needed energy for your next Boxing or Muay Thai class!

Good Food

I am sure by reading the above your eyes lit up and you thought well I can do that. We KNOW you can, but the ‘more food’ part does come with a disclaimer. This food must be ‘good’ food and it’s not as hard as you think. The majority of your diet must include ‘whole’ foods and involves staying away from processed food (and the Hawkers!).

Whole foods are the key to getting lean; these foods look like they do when they started out, untouched by a factory. Such as, meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and so on. For example increasing your protein intake through whole foods like fish, meat, eggs etc you can get lean and stay lean as protein speeds your metabolism, slows your appetite, and maintains muscle. By introducing these into your diet and lifestyle you can get to your lean body goals so much quicker and healthier.

Exercise Yourself Lean

Aiming to be lean helps your body lose fat and drop body weight, and in return, you build muscle and reveal what’s underneath to the world. Sounds great right? But it is not easy, you have to work for it, work hard in fact!

Exercising with lean body goals in mind has a specific regime that must be made and kept consistent throughout this whole process. When you set your 3-month goal with your Personal Mentor, they will design you a custom fitness program that will help you achieve your goal! You MUST listen to your coach and follow your plan.

Throughout this plan which will help you get lean you will be moving more and resting a lot less. Our Boxing and Muay Thai classes are designed to help you burn calories FAST. The intensity of each class allows you to get your heart rate up and your sweat on, so you can be back behind your desk knowing you have done a proper workout in your lunch break!

VANDA Classes!

Whether you’re a parent, stuck behind a screen all day or are having a love affair with your sofa, the majority of your day can be spent sitting down. By standing up when you exercise you can activate your lean body goals in no time. At VANDA we can assure you one thing you won’t be doing is sitting down! Our high-intensity classes work a range of muscle groups, which allow you to burn fat and tone up everywhere. So, within a few months, you will be leaner than ever!

If you want to get lean or achieve your fitness goal no matter how unique it is, take a free trial at VANDA today!

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