Goal Setting: Martial Arts

Goal Setting: Martial Arts

There are many different reasons why people pick up martial arts, not to mention the several benefits, and I believe that every individual who walks through the doors of a new gym starts out with his or her own specific motivations.

Frequently, in today’s hectic world, we can lose track of the main reason which got us started on this journey and pick the easy way out of giving up, failing to fulfill our desires, or losing sight of why we started.

Setting goals is a common practice amongst successful athletes, and it is used crucially to keep you on track. Many times we need a competition to keep us motivated, but having set out these goals can be just as effective.

It serves as a guide and during those mornings, when your body aches and your motivation drops, your goals will help you stay focused.

Just as we learn in school, my tips on goal setting are to set out ‘SMART’ goals, which are:

Specific– Can you clearly define your goal(s)? The more specific the goal is, the greater chance of it being accomplished. (i.e- I want to be good at fighting. vs. I want to train at least 4 times a week).

Measurable– Identify exactly what you will see and establishing concrete criteria for the measuring progress towards the attainment of each goals.

Achievable– Set goals that are achievable for you. Weigh your priorities the effort involved against your goals (opportunity cost) to see if it’s achievable.

Realistic– Goals should be high but realistic. High goals are frequently easier to reach as a low goal exerts low motivational force and you’re better off not setting it. Evaluate yourself, and be realistic.

Timely –There is no better way than setting a time frame to achieve these goals. With no time frame, there is no sense of urgency and soon we would lose track of our goals.

I hope these goal-setting tips are beneficial to y’all. Set your goals, work hard towards achieving them, but never forget to enjoy the journey.

God bless – Gary


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