Guest blog: Why Boxing is a Great Exercise for Women

Guest blog: Why Boxing is a Great Exercise for Women

Ladies, boxing is no longer Rocky’s sole domain. Boxing is empowering women all around the world, including here in Singapore where VANDA offers mixed gender boxing classes.  Ladies boxing was made an Olympic sport in 2012 and since then it’s got even more popular!

It’s a full body workout!

Professional boxer Lauryn Eagle outlined to Women’s Health seven reasons why boxing is best for women. One reason is that boxing is a full body workout and she’s right on the money! All that punching alone will work both your upper and lower body. The most powerful punches involving a kinetic chain of events that starts from the legs up to the hips and then onto the arms and fists. Plus, you’ll be doing squats, push-ups, planks and other core strengthening exercises.


Weight loss

According to Eagle, boxing training “offers the perfect mix of muscle-building strength training and kilojoule-burning cardio.” This means that boxing is a great way for women to tone and shape their body, without having to worry about bulking up needlessly.



Yet another physical benefit of boxing training is improved strength, which you build up by working on the punching bag as explained in Smart MMA’s own list of boxing’s benefits. As you punch with power, torquing your hips forcefully and hitting the bag with everything you’ve got, you start gaining strength, until such a time when your punches finally have that “pop”.

You will gain confidence

Along with the physical benefits you gain from your boxing workouts are mental ones. One of them is increased confidence, which comes from you knowing that you are getting stronger, fitter and more powerful.

It is empowering!

Elite Daily’s Niki McGloster got into boxing in 2016 and she knows first-hand how boxing can be empowering to women. “It’s exhausting,” McGloster admits, but the physical and mental exertion leaves me feeling empowered. There’s no better feeling of clarity than when your body and mind are both taken to task.”

Say hello to de-stressing 

It has long been proven that physical activity such as exercising can relieve stress and boxing training qualifies as such. Besides, punching with all your might can be liberating and it can de-stress you just as much. Think about pouring your heart and soul into every punch and you’ll know what we mean.


You will learn how to defend yourself

Like it or not, you never know when you’ll need to fend off someone with a timely jab or a mighty hook. With boxing, you work on those same punches, which means you’ll be more than ready and able when the need to throw a self-defence punch arises.

The growth of female boxing is unprecedented. The sport owes part of its rise in popularity to its female stars, like the gorgeous Christina Hammer, the charismatic Claressa Shields and the trailblazing Nicola Adams. Hammer, the undefeated German, is on a collision course with Shields, and an Olympic gold medallist twice over. Adams, another a double Olympic gold medallist, is carving out her own niche, too. The Yorkshire-born fighter turned professional in 2016 and is considered the golden girl of British boxing. Incidentally, Adams herself told The Telegraph eight reasons why women should try boxing. She even offered this piece of advice for those without the confidence to try boxing. Just take a friend and have some fun!

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