How Boxing Classes Will Transform You!

How Boxing Classes Will Transform You!

Are you thinking about taking up boxing? Your first task is to find the best boxing gym in Singapore. That’s where we come in! But if you’re still unsure whether boxing is for you – take a look at how boxing will transform you.

A good boxing club in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, will transform you – both physically and mentally. There are some benefits that boxing classes that you may not have considered!

Leave Stress Behind

Boxing classes are an amazing form of stress relief. You can put the real world behind you for just a moment, forget about your deadlines at work and the responsibilities of home life. It’s you against the punching bag. Relieving stress is quite transformative and that’s before you consider the other benefits of boxing.

A Solo Sport – Together

Boxing is a solo sport. It’s you and you alone. But you are not alone when you train. You have a community around you that helps to push you beyond what you thought you were physically capable of. Only the best boxing gyms in Singapore will have strong communities to support and push you. We pride ourselves on the member and coach community we have built here!


White collar boxing in Singapore can teach you a great deal about yourself. You’ll learn all about your mental and physical limits – before you learn how to push beyond them. Smashing through your boundaries can transform you in other areas of your life too.


The Physical World

Boxing classes will, obviously, do a huge amount for your body. Your endurance will skyrocket. Because you’ll run, jump-rope, work the heavy bag, do callisthenics and shadow box. It’s easily possible to burn up to 800 Calories in an hour. Just a few workouts a week will quickly see you achieving your fitness goals!

Then there’s the muscle you will build by lifting weights and training intensely. More muscle means you’ll burn more calories when you’re resting too.

So boxing will change you. Everyone knows that. Maybe that’s why some people are so nervous about trying it? The possibilities of what you could become if you just give White Collar Boxing a try are endless.

Try It!

You will never know what boxing can do for you until you try it. We offer a free trial at the best boxing gym in Singapore: VANDA or sign up for White Collar 2019 today.

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