How Boxing Will Benefit Your Career

How Boxing Will Benefit Your Career

If you’ve ever marvelled at a boxer’s determination, grit and willpower – you’ll instantly know what this article’s all about.

Boxers regularly push themselves hours and hours of gruelling training in a boxing gym. All so they can step into a boxing ring to be punched – repeatedly.

Considering white collar boxing in Singapore? Or thinking of joining a boxing gym in Singapore? Boxing is more than just a way to get fit and fast – here’s how boxing will benefit your career!

Mental Toughness

Boxing is a mental battle, much more than a physical battle. Your main opponent isn’t on the other side of the ring either– it’s yourself. The mental resilience you build by pushing yourself goes into all areas of your life and your career. Extra tight deadlines in work? No problem. Pressure from colleagues? No worries –‘I’ve pushed myself through sparring sessions where I’ve been hurt, but kept on going – this won’t be a problem.’

Stress Reduction

When you first step into a boxing gym in Singapore you’re probably going to be nervous – that’s normal! By the time you finish your first session a few things will have happened to you. You’ll be hooked on boxing, but you’ll also be free from stress. All of the stress you’ve built up at work is left inside the gym. This really does allow you to feel like ‘you’ again. You might even be surprised at what a stress-free ‘you’ can do – creative new solutions to problems and a new-found enthusiasm in work.


If you asked most people what they would like more of (besides money and free time) the answer would probably confidence. Boxing here at VANDA, delivers confidence to your inner psyche – by the bucket load. Okay – you’ll be in great shape and get fit fast, but that’snot where the real benefit comes from. Through your intense training, pushing yourself each and every time you step into the gym – you’ll discover what you can become. When you learn what you’re capable of in the gym, you start to wonder how this will spill over into your career. Believe us – it does.

Boxing in Singapore is a wonderful way to get fit fast and transform yourself, physically and mentally. If you’d like to see what the best boxing gym in Singapore can do for you – click here for a free trial.

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