How Boxing Will Make You Obsessed With Fitness

How Boxing Will Make You Obsessed With Fitness

Everyone is looking for a way to get fit that doesn’t feel like a chore and doesn’t fill you with a sense of dread when you finish work knowing that you’ve got to head to the gym!

If you haven’t even considered that exercise didn’t have to be thought of like a trip to the dentist, then we’ve got some news for you: boxing will change your life and it will change you! Check out VANDA the original Boxing Gym in Singapore, to learn our sport in an enviroment that welcomes all!


If you ever step inside a boxing gym in Singapore, you’ll instantly know that you’ve made a choice that will change you. You’ll gain confidence, new friends, become much fitter than you thought possible and stronger than ever. That’s all before you find out exactly who you could become: an athelete!

Boxing will have you obsessed with fitness simply because it isn’t just about physical fitness – it goes beyond that. It will challenge you mentally, building your mental toughness and resilience to new heights.

You simply cannot box without a healthy amount of self-control. Boxing has been around in some form or another for thousands of years with roots going back to Ancient Greece and there’s good reason that it is one of the oldest sports.

Taking You Beyond The Usual

Boxing will take you out of the day to day, mentally focused world that we live in: stressful jobs, tight deadlines and busy family lives will melt away and you’ll be put squarely in a physical world where positive endorphins are flowing.

Not only will boxing burn a serious number of Calories per hour (800 or more!) but it works your cardiovascular system fully, builds heaps of co-ordination, strength and balance.

There’s something that people miss in a normal gym, treadmill focused gym – community. There’s nothing that will build a strong community like boxing or Muay Thai. That’s why we’re one of the oldest (and the best) boxing gym in Singapore!


Challenge Yourself

Now we’ve talked a lot about how great boxing is, why you should do it and where (with VANDA – THE Boxing and Muay Thai Gym in Singapore!), so it would be just a little bit unfair if we didn’t give you the opportunity to pay us a visit and have a free trial. You’ll be welcomed by a warm community who will share their love of boxing with you and their stories – how boxing was a key part of their transformations.

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