How Combat Sports Will Change Your Life

How Combat Sports Will Change Your Life

Anyone who has boxed, trained in Muay Thai or MMA will tell you the same thing: the training will change you.

We’re sure any trainer or sports professional will tell you their training will ‘change your life’, but you’ve only got to ask any Vanda member or combat sports enthusiast to find out for yourself.

So, how do Muay Thai and boxing change your life?

You’ll get into great shape, improve your coordination, balance and speed. It’s also a huge amount of fun, relieves a huge amount of stress – allowing you to be the non-stressy version of yourself!

The skills and fitness that the boxing classes or Muay Thai classes will help you gain will give you a feeling of ‘Zen’. This feeling of calm is brought about by knowing that if you can handle the intense difficulty of a boxing session – you can handle just about anything. You’ve used up all of your nervous energy and you know you are capable of pushing yourself well beyond your limits.


The self-control and willpower that you gain through your training will exude into all areas of your life. Your personal relationships and professional life will benefit from your new sense of discipline.


You’ll even make new friends that come from many different walks of life. Not everyone who goes to Muay Thai lessons or boxing lessons has to lead a ‘Rocky Balboa’ lifestyle. But you’ll meet some interesting people who you’ll form a strong bond with, a bond based on pushing yourselves and mutual respect. At VANDA our community is like no-other and filled with people from all walks of life, of all ages and abilities.

Embrace Imperfection

A huge part of any physical challenge is mental, and no matter how hard you push yourself in your boxing lesson – you’re going to be exhausted before it finishes. You’ll fail time and time again. It’s this failure that helps you come to realise something important: you won’t master skills in days, weeks or even months – but it’s continuing to improve every single day that matters.

This goes a long way to boost your self-confidence and you won’t be so hard on yourself any more.

When you apply these new realisations and traits to other areas of your life you’ll be surprised at the changes you’ll experience. Once you’ve taken your first class at VANDA you’ll know that these changes are all within reach and you won’t want to stop. Have we converted you to try Boxing or Muay Thai lessons? Have a free trial on us, click here for more info.

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