How Meditation Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

How Meditation Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

There is always a great deal of emphasis placed on doing ‘more’ to reach your fitness goals. ‘You can reap the benefits of Muay Thai if you do more…. Running/weights/cardio/technique training’. This is true across the entire fitness industry. 

You need to workout more, get more steps in, eat more vegetables, eat more protein, be more driven and rest more. When you add this to the ‘always more’ problem in your career and home life – it’s easy to get burned out. 

Long days at work, followed by Muay Thai lessons in Singapore and a busy home life. It’s easy to see how it can become too much for many people. 

Meditation: Martial Arts for The Mind

Meditation has a huge number of benefits associated with it, that are backed by science.

  • Pain management,
  • A greater sense of wellbeing, 
  • A reduction in stress and anxiety,
  • Improved self-awareness,
  • A much higher quality of sleep.

If there were a supplement for sale touting these benefits, it would be incredibly expensive and in high demand. Meditation is free, and you can do it anywhere. It’s not difficult to see how these benefits can spill over into your Muay Thai lessons in Singapore either. 

A Higher Quality of Sleep

A higher quality of sleep not only means you wake up feeling more refreshed, but your workouts will benefit too. Getting your high-quality sleep in means that you’ll recover quicker between workouts. 

Stress and Anxiety

Not only will a higher quality of sleep reduce your levels of stress and anxiety, but meditation will too. These effects combined can be quite potent, and lead to a sense of wellbeing that you haven’t felt for years. 


Okay, this one might sound a little bit fluffy. But, self-awareness can benefit your Muay Thai a great deal. How exactly? Well, if you’re more aware of your body, any small niggles in your muscles or your levels of fatigue – you’re more likely to avoid injury. It’s widely accepted that injury avoidance is one of the best ways to continue making progress for years to come. 

Meditation is truly martial arts for the mind. A zen-like feeling and self-awareness make even the most difficult workouts easier to bear. While the benefits of Muay Thai are profound by themselves – if combined with meditation, it can truly be transformative. If you’d like to try our Muay Thai lessons in Singapore click here to get a free trial with us

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