Become A Better YOU With Our Help!

Become A Better YOU With Our Help!

You might know your speed bag from your heavy bag and your jab from your straight. But is that enough for you to take your boxing or Muay Thai to the next level? Is it enough for you to make progress in your fitness each and every week? How can a mentor help you get fit and fast? The personal Mentors in VANDA (Singapore BEST boxing gym and Muay Thai club) will be able to help you get fit and fast!


Because there’s more to just turning up to our boxing gym in Singapore and hitting a heavy bag for 20 minutes before hanging up your gloves.

Goal Setting

When you join VANDA, you are assigned a Personal Mentor! This Mentor is here to help you achieve your goals, with consistent support, the Mentor will advise you on fitness, diet and lifestyle choices while creating you a 3- month plan to help guide you towards success! During your first induction, this coach will assess your current fitness and skill level. He will then work with you to understand the goals and create you a plan of where you need to focus your efforts. These realistic goals allow you to continue progressing over time! Every 3 months you will have a formal check-in with your Mentor to review your success!


Everyone has been in this scenario before: ‘I’ll get up early tomorrow, have a protein shake and hit the gym before going to work’. That’s before your alarm wakes you an hour early to the very rainy gloomy Singapore weather – a nasty prospect! It’s easier to stay in bed. But it’s a lot harder to stay in bed when your Personal Mentor is expecting to see you at the gym or for you to report your progress later that week.


Our Personal Mentors are all experienced in their fields, they are qualified in fitness and nutrition, as well as their sport. All of our coaches have had experience in the ring combined with real-world experience. This combination will allow you to make progress at a lightning pace, whilst working a plan around your lifestyle.

Reviews and Assessments

Personal Mentors will also give you the opportunity to pause and assess where you are right now. Yeah, yeah, you’re in a boxing gym – but what’s your fitness like? Have you gained strength? What about your body fat percentage? They’ll know and help you move forward from where you are now, so when you have the next 3-month assessment you have smashed your goal!


Injury Prevention and Recovery

Our Mentors have been doing this a long time and know how to make sure you recover properly. Exercise form is hugely important too and they are going to pull you up on your sloppy punches and awkward stance that could lead to injury.



So, you have been at VANDA three months and guess what… you’ve smashed your first goal! But it doesn’t stop there. At VANDA we are all about helping you become a better you, so you may want a break for a month to enjoy your success and train without a goal in mind. Or you may want to set your next target, what-ever you want your mentor will work with your lifestyle so that you are always getting better and feeling happy with your progress!

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