How To Perfect Your PUNCH.

How To Perfect Your PUNCH.

Boxing and Muay Thai are good for you in lots of different ways, you’ll burn hundreds and hundreds of calories in an hour, get stronger and more confident too. Check out our post about it here.

Everyone who has stepped foot inside of a boxing gym and many who haven’t know the simple truth that there is more to throwing a good, powerful punch than simply making a fist and throwing it wildly at your opponent or punch bag.

There’s a common misconception in boxing that all you need to throw a powerful punch is strong arms. The entire body plays a part in throwing a powerful punch – it’s a chain reaction that takes practice to get right. That’s why boxing classes might be for you.

So How Do You Throw A Powerful Punch in Boxing?

It all starts with your feet. Yes, that’s right – your power comes from the ground. It’s all about footwork, not the Ali shuffle, but planting your feet when you throw a punch.

  1. Keeping your feet planted when you throw a punch allows you to transfer the power from your legs into your fists.
  2. Stance is key: a boxing stance for punch power usually has your front foot flat on the ground and the back foot with its heel lifted slightly.

Now all that power that you’ve generated down low you can be transferred through your hips, drilling your back leg into the ground – generating force when you ‘uncoil’ your body.

Your knees should be slightly bent, if they’re straight out and stiff – you’ll easily lose balance and be knocked down, trying to generate force with only your arms is a bad idea that will see your opponent sniggering to themselves at your lack of power. Our boxing classes will help take your punches from

Finishing The Punch

There’s more to consider when you’re throwing a punch. You have to think about what you’re hitting them with too. Avoid the smaller, lower knuckles – there’s a reason this knuckle leads to a fracture called the boxer’s fracture.

Don’t forget that when you do connect with your boxing opponent, heavy bag or arch nemesis, that you need to follow through. If you stop your punch as soon as you connect – it’s not going to be as effective as if you aim to punch ‘through your target’. It sounds quite Matrix-esque, but it really does increase the impact your punches have.

If you’re a wannabe boxer and you want to take your boxing skills to the next level or want to hone them before stepping into the ring, sign up to our free trial now and we can provide you with boxing classes that will change your boxing, forever! Share this…

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