Ladies why it’s YOUR time to step into the ring!

Ladies why it’s YOUR time to step into the ring!

With so many forms of exercise specifically aimed at women, it is hard to decide which sport is for you. If you are bored of the same spin class or feel you want something will push you more than your normal circuits class, we think we may have the solution.

Boxing has for years been a sport associated with all things male, with iconic film scenes and quotes centred around masculinity, we always recall the ring being a place that a boy grows into a man, but those days are over! Women are no longer boxing in the shadows, will models, actresses and great sportswomen crediting their strength, focus and physique to boxing, this sport has become more empowering than ever!

With women boxing only being introduced into the Olympics in 2012, at VANDA ladies all over Singapore have been Boxing training with us. We do not have Boxing Classes for ladies only, we have mixed classes so all members can learn from one another as well as our coaches.

Finding Female Boxing classes in Singapore has become easier than ever, the sport that used to be dominated by men has now become the sport of choice for women all over the world and we are proud to have so many ladies in our Boxing gym!

If you are looking to take a free gym trial in a unique sport like Boxing, join VANDA today! So that you can keep inspiring generations of women to put on their gloves and get in the ring!

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