Ladies why you NEED Muay Thai training in your life!

Ladies why you NEED Muay Thai training in your life!

In the past, there was a big difference between what was considered Martial Arts and Fitness. The social stigma linked to Martial Arts meant that it was rarely a fitness option considered by ladies. However, in the recent years, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing have been increasingly popular and people are able to see the way the sports help improves core strength, overall fitness and discipline. So, Ladies, it’s time to drop your mats & your weights. Here are 4 reasons GREAT things about Muay Thai at VANDA!


Do you find after hours on the treadmill you stand on the scale and see that your weight and body fat percentage doesn’t budge? Get off the track and into the best Muay Thai gym near you- VANDA. In your training with us, we spike the intensity levels through our classes, combined with a full body workout that activates all of your muscle groups, so you will burn those stubborn fats away in no time!


Gone are the days of hiding at the back of a spin studio, with Muay Thai you will feel powerful! This will have an effect on your overall confidence in and outside of the gym, as you return to your desk after one of our lunchtime sessions feeling invincible!



We understand that working out alone in a Muay Thai or Kickboxing gym can be dull, at VANDA we pride ourselves on having a unique community of members and coaches that welcome everyone! When you join VANDA you can interact with people who are working towards their own goal, so you can achieve your unique success, together!


There are many aspects of Muay Thai that will keep you engaged both mentally and physically. Ladies kickboxing can be a great stress reliever, if you are consistent and stay focused, gradually you will find that your speed & reaction will increase! So, if you want to leave your stress at the door and become immersed in your exercise, this is the sport for you.

We understand that Muay Thai for beginners can seem overwhelming, our schedule has a mixture of classes that when combined, can help you achieve your fitness goal, no matter how unique it is.

Our schedule has a solid mix of classes that all have varying intensity, your Personal Mentor will shape your custom fitness program around this so that you always achieving success.

Join the VANDA family today and see the change you can achieve when you start Muay Thai.

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