Fitness Goal Setting That You Can Stick To

Fitness Goal Setting That You Can Stick To

We’re halfway through 2019 now and statistically speaking your new year’s resolutions are probably consigned to the darkest corners of your memory, lost and forgotten. But, how can you stick to goals? With our Personal Mentoring Scheme, we make it easier than ever! Here are a few hacks to help you on your way.

How To Set Fitness Goals

You might have started martial arts lessons on a whim, but you love it now and want to progress. That’s where goals come in. When we set goals we try to keep it simple so, here’s a few tips for goal setting that you can stick to.

Set SMART Goals

If you want something – your goal has to be specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time-bound. If your goal is as vague as getting a martial arts body, you’re on to a loser. But if you say that you want to lose 10lbs over the next 6 weeks, and you’re going to weigh in each week to track your progress. Then you drastically increase your chances of achieving that goal. 

Don’t Flake

Most goals are difficult to achieve. Otherwise they wouldn’t be goals, they’d be things you have already. So, don’t give up as soon as you hit a bump in the road. You might mess up by eating 10,000kcals at an all you can eat restaurant, or get trounced in sparring or even twist your ankle. A set back is just a chance for you to stage a comeback – remember that. 

Goal setting isn’t brain surgery, and no matter how good your goals are – you’ve got to work hard to achieve them, if they’re worth achieving. Luckily, at Vanda we have personal mentors and an awesome community on hand to support you in your journey. Book a free trial nowand start by putting your right foot forward. 

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