Maximising Punching Power

Maximising Punching Power

Whichever combat sport you practice it makes sense to have a powerful punch. Many of you will be wondering how to increase punching power. So, we got our heads together and combined our years of experience to come up with a, brief, but important guide. 

Increasing Punching Power

Now, before we go any further, we must say that your weight class will determine the limits of your punching power. A heavyweight will usually punch much harder than a flyweight. But there are certain things that you can do to increase your punching power.

Perfect Your Punching Technique

Your stance is paramount. Power comes from the ground and this momentum needs to be carried through from your feet. From your feet to your fist – and beyond. 

Practice makes perfect and you need to imagine that it’s a chain reaction starting from the ground. 

Increase Your Mass

Now, we’re not saying go out and eat 30 doughnuts to add some mass onto your frame. That may have worked for Tyson Fury, but most of us fall into a lighter weight class. It makes sense to drop some fat and gain some muscle in the pursuit of being as powerful as possible. If you lose 5lbs of fat and gain that in muscle, you’ll stay in the same weight category too.

Imagine your body is an engine and you’ve tuned the 1 litre engine as much as you can. By increasing the muscle mass of your engine and increasing the engine size, you add more power potential.

Maximise Efficiency and Conditioning

There’s no point having the strength and technique to deliver a knockout punch, if you can only throw a handful before gassing out. You’ve got to maximise your conditioning to sustain your punching power, punch after punch.

It’s good to have a powerful punch but it certainly isn’t the only attribute that will help you succeed in your combat sport. You need to have excellent technique all round and plenty of mental toughness. 

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