Maximising Your Recovery Between Workouts – A Key To Progress

Maximising Your Recovery Between Workouts – A Key To Progress

You’re busy pursuing many objectives in your life, inside the gym, at work and at home. There’s always a tendency to think that doing more is better and will get you to your objective sooner. But there’s only so much that your body and mind can take. We spend about 6.4% of our days training, or around 90 minutes. 

The Other 94.6% Matters!

Spend your time outside of the gym recovering, relaxing and recuperating between boxing lessons in Singapore. That way you’ll get the most out of your lessons and the martial arts body of your dreams will become a reality.

Here’s What You Can Do To Recover

There are a few things that you can do to make sure you recover well. Companies sell a huge amount of supplements, pills and potions promising recovery – but they are supplements, meant to supplement your efforts. 

Sleep:Getting enough, not too much, quality sleep will help you recover fully from your workouts. 7 to 8 hours a night has been proven, again and again, to be the optimal amount of sleep for most people.

Stretch:Stretch before and after your boxing lessons in Singapore and with your boxing community buddies. Stretching reduces soreness and helps to prevent injury. Consistent effort and avoiding injuries are key to progress over time.

Hydrate:Your body will be able to recover more quickly if you’re adequately hydrated.

Relax:Take some time for yourself to do what you enjoy, read, play video games or watch a good movie. Mediation is also great to help you relax, recentre and refocus. Getting the most out of the human requires an holistic approach, if you’re constantly stressed your body won’t be happy with you!

Nutrition:Eating enough calories, protein, fruit and vegetables will do many good things for you. You’ll also recover much more quickly if your diet is rich in protein and nutrients. 

Not Usually A Priority

We have hundreds of people coming to our boxing lessons in Singapore and many ask what they can do to progress more quickly. Not many consider that what they do outside of the gym will help them progress at a much faster rate. Especially when we tell them that relaxation is a huge help in their quest for their martial arts body. To start your journey, why not pop down to our gym – we offer a free trial too.

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