Monday Motivation- how to make it last all week!

Monday Motivation- how to make it last all week!

At the start of every week, we set ourselves mini goals- I will deliver on that deadline, I will not drink til the weekend, I will get down to the gym!

Exercise is hugely valuable for both body and mind, with benefits such as reduced anxiety, better heart and muscle health, and higher energy levels. Yet despite these benefits, sticking to your gym resolutions can be very tough.

It is often far more tempting to have 45 minutes more in bed in the morning, or head down the pub with friends after work than it is to go for a workout. We get it, but when you train at VANDA swapping push up for pints is a little easier!

Find an Exercise that you Love

That’s why you need to figure out the most effective way to get on track with your exercise and stay there. Going to the gym shouldn’t be a chore, it should be something that you gain pleasure from.

And that’s why there is one very simple way to make sure you stick with your Monday Motivation – find an exercise that you enjoy.

While having goals such as “getting a better body” or “losing weight” are brilliant, it’s also far too easy to make excuses when we’re focused on the external rewards. Instead, if we associate exercise as a means unto itself – i.e. something that we enjoy and that makes us feel good in the moment – then we will quickly develop positive associations with the gym and exercise as a whole.

We won’t find ourselves falling back on excuses to go to the gym “I’m too tired” “I don’t have time” – instead, our workouts will be something that we look forward to and we will actively dedicate time in our busy schedules for gym sessions.

Why Boxing is so Addictive?

So, how can you find an exercise that you love? A lot of the process is trial and error – you can sample different classes, such as HIIT, boxing or Muay Thai, and find one that works for you. However, this often means simply delaying the start of a regular exercise routine and you risk breaking your resolutions before they’ve even begun.

Boxing is an effective cardio workout that improves your overall body strength, endurance and composition. The blend of high- and medium-intensity movements is ideal for relieving stress, resulting in a healthier and stronger body and mind.

The Power of Muay Thai

One of the reasons that boxing and martial arts such as Muay Thai are so popular is that they incorporate a variety of mental and physical skills that, quite simply, make you feel brilliant. This feeling is highly addictive which means you’ll be itching to get back in the gym and get that feeling again.

While Muay Thai is a very different martial art to boxing, it produces powerful positive feelings and that same addictive feeling. The artistic side of this martial art creates a cardio workout that challenges your body and mind in unique ways. It will improve your core and leg strength no end but mastering the intricate skills involved is one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of all.

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