Muay Thai and Mental Health

Muay Thai and Mental Health

We are lucky that the conversation about mental health has opened up in recent years. It’s no longer seen as something to hide away and it is totally accepted as an open discussion. We all know someone who has struggled with mental health and we all have our own mental health to tend to. There are more ways than ever to tend to your own mental health and we think Muay Thai is absolutely one of the ways that you should try. 

Not many people appreciate just how strong a link there is between your body and mind. How you treat your body can have a huge impact on how your mind works, how you feel and what you think about yourself and the world around you.

So where does Muay Thai come into it? We aren’t saying that Muay Thai will solve all of your problems but Muay Thai has many benefits. Why learn Muay Thai then?

You’ll relieve stress

There’s not much that’s better for relieving stress than getting out of your head and working physically hard. Pushing yourself physically takes you away from your normal thought patterns, worries and stresses – you’ll go into a zone and forget your troubles. 


Not only does the physical hard work you do relieve stress, but it releases powerful feel-good hormones and endorphins into your body. I’m sure you’ve felt it before – the high you feel when you’ve left the gym after a sweat inducing session went well. You feel untouchable and like your problems are somehow easier to conquer. 


At Vanda we pride ourselves on the warm community that makes up our membership base. It’s underpinned by friendly competition and helping each other to improve a little every day. Your new friends will be there to support you in your fitness journey and in other areas of your life. It all sounds very warm and fuzzy – but a community of likeminded people around you can be invaluable. 


Those who struggle with depression or other mental health issues often find themselves in a downward spiral. They can’t sleep, which negatively affects their mental health, which means they can’t sleep. It goes on and on. A great way to break that cycle is by pushing yourself in the gym – your body will be exhausted, and you’ll have an unrivalled deep sleep! We love Muay Thai and could talk about why you should learn Muay Thai and all of it’s benefits all day. That’s why we’d love you to come down to our gym in Singapore and give it a try – it’s free too.

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