Yoga Will Benefit Your Martial Arts: Here’s How

Yoga Will Benefit Your Martial Arts: Here’s How

Yoga can have huge benefits for you, both in your training and in your life. We’re not talking about becoming some sort of spiritual guru either, we’re talking about tangible results in the gym. 

More Than Exercise, More Than a Sport

It goes without saying that martial arts are more than a sport. It’s a philosophy, a way of life and an art. Much like Yoga. So, combine another art with your Muay Thai classes in Singapore and you may be surprised.

So, how can Yoga benefit your training?

Many people forget that the human body isn’t a machine and on any given day you could put the same effort in and achieve different results. That’s why taking a holistic approach to your training can yield great results. If you’re hugely stressed with work and your personal life, you’d better believe that your training is going to suffer as a result. 

Yoga can help you take strides towards destressing and finding a bit of peace in the day. 


It’s not secret that Yoga vastly improves your flexibility. If you’ve been struggling with high kicks, or kicks in general and submissions/grappling – yoga could help you. Many of the attendees of our martial arts classes in Singapore have benefitted in this way and maintain their yoga practice to this day. 


If you want to avoid being floored at every opportunity you’re going to need a good level of balance. Yoga helps you to improve your balance by continually putting your body in, sometimes, rather odd positions. This builds your core strength and improves coordination over time, another skill useful in martial arts. 


Every martial artist will suffer an injury at some stage in their training/career. It’s unavoidable. Yoga can help you to speed up the recovery from an injury or from general training at your martial arts classes in Singapore. It does this by gently stretching muscles and drawing blood into them, this help to clear out toxins and draw in important nutrients.

If you’re already practicing yoga and you’d like to try a martial arts or Muay Thai class in Singapore – we’d love to hear from you. We ever often a free trial, so you’re not tied in.

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