Muay Thai For Fitness: 8 Limbs, Twice as Fit

Muay Thai For Fitness: 8 Limbs, Twice as Fit

We’ve all seen them: pictures and videos showing a gym’s members smiling, laughing while gently padding away at a  bag. It might have you wondering whether they’re actually getting a workout or just joking around with their fellow gym members! If it’s got you thinking like that you may also be wondering whether Muay Thai has any benefits if you’re doing it right? And what does Muay Thai teach you exactly?

We’ll take a look at the benefits and just how awesome Muay Thai can be for you! (Disclaimer: we may be a little biased)!

Muay Thai Benefits

Calories per hour: As far as results from exercise goes – calories per hour is a good measure. If your diet is in check and you’re burning calories by exercising – you’ll be dropping the fat seriously fast. That’s where Muay Thai comes in – if you work hard you can expect to burn upwards of 700 calories in a single hour. There aren’t many other forms of exercise that can boast that level of calories burn per hour!

Physical: Muay Thai requires all round physical fitness: it’s no good being strong, but not flexible. It’s no good being fast, but weak. Muay Thai incorporates a wide variety of different training techniques to ensure you’re strong, agile, flexible and above all – mentally tough.

Mental:One of the key things that Muay Thai teaches you is probably an unexpected benefit. You’ll learn to push through barriers and what you’re capable of when you put your mind to something. Not only will Muay Thai teach you that you’re tougher than you thought – you’ll gain confidence too.

Friends: At VANDA we’re about more than just turning up to the gym, silently working away and ignoring the rest of the world. Okay, sometimes you need to get the work in and silently power on – that’s fine! But we’ve got a community around us to support you in your goals. Whether that’s through friendly competition, hints and tips or even a pat on the back for a job well done. 

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