Muay Thai Mindset – The Secret To Progress, Winning and More

Muay Thai Mindset – The Secret To Progress, Winning and More

When you first start training in Muay Thai you can be forgiven for thinking that the most spectacular looking person in the gym is the toughest. They’ve got great Muay Thai techniques and a fantastic physique, but that doesn’t matter as much as a key piece of the puzzle, that’s often neglected. The champion mindset. 

Face Your Demons

A real champion, or someone with the champion mindset, will seek out their demons and their weaknesses. Without knowing what your weaknesses are, how can you hope to improve? That’s how champions become the best, by tackling what holds them back – head on.

Expect Set Backs

When you’re trying to learn new Muay Thai techniques you might get frustrated with your lack of progress. You might injure yourself, you might lose a fight or you might just have a terrible day where nothing feels right. If you want to progress and grow as a person, and a Muay Thai warrior, then you need to take it in your stride. You’re going to have bad days and set-backs. Set-backs are just a chance for you to stage a comeback. The champion mindset is all about overcoming adversity. 

Focus On What You Can Control

The champion mindset will focus on what it can control: your thoughts and actions. If you get stressed and worked up about something, there’s a good chance that you can do something about it even when it comes to Muay Thai techniques. If you are finding that you are injuring yourself again and again, there’s no sense in repeating the same actions. You’ve got to take a step back, assess and go again in a different way. 

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