Nutrition and what about it

Nutrition and what about it

Often times I’m asked what to eat or what types of food to consume and how much. No doubt macro manipulation and adherence is sometimes needed but for the vast majority of people who are simply looking to make better choices and tighten but their dietary habits, I find a more quality-orientated approach to be suitable versus one of caloric restriction and adherence.

Here’s a sample meal plan that I use for cleaning up my diet or a client’s when life has become too hectic and meal quality is more important than counting macronutrients.

TCS – Training Carbohydrate Source
NTCS – Non-Training Carbohydrate Source


Carbohydrate Sources

White Rice (White rice products with rice as main ingredient and minimal fillers) (TCS)
Potatoes (TCS)
Rice Noodles (TCS)
Berries (NTCS)
Rice Wraps (TCS)
Fibrous veggies (broccoli, cucumber, zucchini) (NTCS)
Leafy veggies (NTCS)



Chicken (skin on/off; on when without carbs off when with)
Lamb/Any game
Protein Powder



Olive oil
Nuts (Unoiled = Nuts & Salt as Only ingredients]
Pure Butter
Nut Oils
Sesame Oil
**No dairy once into week 4


Sample Meal Plan

Meal 1: 4 eggs, avocado, rice wrap
Meal 2: Protein Shake, handful nuts
Meal 3: Roasted chicken leg, salad with extra virgin olive oil
Post Workout: 1 scoop workout fuel, 1 scoop protein
Meal 4: Protein Shake, handful nuts
Meal 5: Rice, Fish and veg stir-fry
****Minimum 30 grams of protein per meal


Till next time! – AJ



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