Nutritional Supplements That Actually Work

Nutritional Supplements That Actually Work

It seems like everyone is looking for a magic pill. A magic pill that will help you smash your personal records and plateaus, transforming you into the next Muay Thai champ overnight. But people seem to forget that supplements are only there to supplement your training efforts, they aren’t going to produce mind blowing results. So, what Muay Thai supplements or boxing supplements should you take to aid you in your training?

Supplements That Can Help You Get Your Martial Arts Body

Protein: Taking a quality whey protein supplement is a good idea. It’s an easy way to hit your protein target for the day without altering your diet too much. It will help you recover properly between workouts and build/repair muscle. It’s probably one of the most useful boxing supplements that you can take.

Creatine:There’s a lot of confusion about creatine. But, it’s a naturally occurring substance found in meat – but in very small amounts. It’s used in anaerobic muscular contractions as energy. So, by taking creatine your muscles have more energy to deliver explosive strikes. It’s been proven to work again and again, in many different studies. 

Multivitamins:As far as boxing supplements go this is quite basic. But, very useful. When you’re working hard in the gym you’ll be contracting your muscles over and over again, and dehydrating quite quickly. Taking a multivitamin will make sure you’ve got all of the necessary vitamins and minerals for boxing and Muay Thai. 

Supplements come in many forms, but there aren’t many that will make a significant difference to your life inside the gym. If you’d like to see what it’s like inside our gym – we offer a free trial!

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