Plateau? What Plateau? How to make progress after you’ve stalled!

Plateau? What Plateau? How to make progress after you’ve stalled!

You took a boxing free trial, started to lose weight, feeling good about yourself and continued making progress. But then you ground to a halt, your motivation started to escape, and you can’t understand where you were going wrong. 

You’re eating the same diet, doing the same boxing lessons in Singapore – what’s happening? 

Take A Step Back

Now, we know a lack of progress is one of the top reasons people give in, but don’t get too frustrated. You’ve got a good chance to take a step back and look at where you can improve your chances of hitting your goals! 


Diet is one of the top reasons people stop making progress. As you grow muscle mass or lose body fat, your caloric needs change. In simpler terms, the amount you need to eat goes up or down, based on your body’s current weight etc. 

So it might be a good idea to recalculate your caloric needs using a calculator (like this one)online. 

But my weight hasn’t changed! 

Well if your weight hasn’t changed, it might be a good idea to reassess what you’re eating. Consider keeping a food diary of what you are eating throughout the day. This will give you a clearer idea of the number of calories you’re actually eating. 


Our boxing lessons in Singapore are intense. Maybe you need a week of lighter exercise to allow your body to get some rest, and attack it next week with a renewed motivation? Our boxing community will be ready and waiting to welcome you back.

What if I don’t need a break? 

Maybe it’s time to increase your workload. There’s a theory called ‘progressive overload’ that is extremely important if you want to keep progressing. Essentially, if you want to continue making progress you’ve got to increase the work/intensity that you’re doing overtime.

Imagine when you first started exercising you could only do 10 squats – without any weight. Doing those 10 squats allowed you to grow in strength and now they are effortless. If you continue to do 10 squats, without any additional stimulus for your body, your progress will stop. One way to keep progressing is to continue adding weight to the bar. Another is to join a boxing community like Vanda.

You’ll be continually challenged by our boxing classes in Singapore, supported by our boxing community and our personal mentors. Why not give our boxing community a go and sign up for a boxing free trialon us! 

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