Realisations You’ll Have During Your Time at VANDA

Realisations You’ll Have During Your Time at VANDA

So, you’ve been unsure about it for some time, but you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and sign up to a ‘Muay Thai for beginners’ class’ in Singapore. Well done, it’s a big step and one you won’t regret. If you’re taking any Muay Thai or boxing classes with Vanda in Singapore, you’ll have a few realisations in your first week that you won’t forget. 

It’s Not As Scary As You Expected

Okay, so you’ve done the hard bit and have signed up to boxing classes in Singapore. But, now you’re facing with walking through the door for the first time. A scary prospect. Lots of unknowns and new faces. 

After your first session, you’ll feel right at home though. It’s not as scary as you might have thought. People often forget that everyone in Vanda has been a new member once before. So, they’re welcoming and friendly. 

Training Has More Benefits Than Expected

You went to boxing in Singapore to lose weight or learn to defend yourself. What you didn’t expect was to feel like a new person each time you walk out of the gym. Completely destressed and refreshed. Sure, you’ll lose weight and get fitter than ever before, but the mental benefits are why many members stick around. 

Combat Sports Attract Awesome People

If you look at any Muay Thai for beginners’ class in Singapore, you’ll find something in common across all of the people. A desire to learn and have fun doing it. You’ll discover that it’s about community and helping each other reach goals. Friendships will be formed along the way. That can’t be helped!

As Soon As Your Class Finishes… 

You’ll want to do another. Even though you’ll be exhausted – you’ll want to get stuck into another class. That’s because of all the positive endorphins rushing through your body. You’ve had a great laugh, with good people and escaped the stresses of the world for a few moments. All while bettering yourself and getting a solid workout in. What’s not to love?

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