Recovery: The Overlooked and Undervalued Key To Progress

Recovery: The Overlooked and Undervalued Key To Progress

When you’re leaving our boxing gym in Singapore after a hard workout, you’re probably not thinking about recovery. You’re probably still on a high of endorphins and sweat induced euphoria from our boxing personal training in Singapore. 

It’s a common aspect of fitness to overlook and something that we discuss in our boxing personal training in Singapore. 

If you fail to recover between workouts, your progress will grind to a halt. You may even regress and lose hard earned progress.

How can you make sure you recover after your workout at our boxing gym in Singapore then?

Recovery: The Best Bits

  1. Sleep

Sleep plays a huge part in recovery and its importance cannot be understated. If you don’t sleep enough your workouts are going to suffer. Not only does a lack of sleep slow your progress but it causes hormones that make you hungrier to go haywire. So you’re more likely to overeat too. A combination that you don’t want to have thrust upon you.

Experts say that around 8 hours of sleep a night are what’s required to get all of the best bits from sleep. A good night time routine can help improve your sleep quality too. Removing smartphone usage just before bed can have a large impact.

2. Eat

But eat the right things, not just anything. There’s little point in working hard in a boxing personal training session in Singapore and then eating 10 cream cakes to ‘recover’. We’ve all seen Tyson Fury’s physique. 

Eating plenty of vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals is always a good start. But focusing on getting enough protein from quality sources will help to boost your recovery. It’s generally established that if you eat approximately 1g per lb of bodyweight you’ll be able to recover more effectively. 

3. Massage

There’s nothing quite like a massage after a hard session in our boxing school in Singapore. Your aching muscles are worked to become free from knots. Massage promotes recovery in a few different ways: by working out any issues in your muscles that could lead to injuries and by providing you with some time to relax.

If you’d like to know more about how our boxing personal training in Singapore can help you reach your goals, get in touch. We’d love to have you in our boxing school in Singapore – we do offer a free trial too, so do come in and say hello. 

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