So Week 1 training is complete…

…. And it seems that we remain a full squad – which has to be a good sign for training at this stage! It’s been a week of many firsts for me – not least the absence of alcohol in my life!


Our WCB journey started on Monday night.  Having thought I had got my head around what I was doing, my first visit to Vanda (excluding the briefing) was a bit of a reality check! It’s incredibly loud – for a start.  The sound of gloves hitting pads and bags plus the volume of shouting and the sheer number of people in an enclosed space means it’s like a wall that hits you when you open the door.  It’s exciting, but also suddenly incredibly nerve-wracking.

I had (somewhat naively) thought that the first session would involve a bit of a “meet and greet” and chat about what was going to happen now. No such luck! No introductions, just a very loud instruction to “grab a rope and get skipping”. The only good thing was that I think most of us were blindsided in that way – so it was a bit of a scramble as we all got set up and found a spot that didn’t take someone else out at the same time (not that easy actually – 26 people skipping at the same time take up quite a lot of room).

Next up was Bootcamp-style warm up – jumping jacks, lunges, running on the spot etc. and then into shadow boxing. First was the split into those who knew what they were doing (a lucky few) and those who didn’t (the majority, including me) – and then we were taught the basics of stance, jabs and crosses and how to shadow box with a partner. After a few unintentional fist-on-palm connections we seemed to get the hang of it, although it is definitely not as instinctive as it looks in Rocky.

We finished the night off with a circuit of press ups, mountain climbers, crunches and burpees – 10 each for 3 sets or 30 at once (the latter being far quicker but requiring an incredibly painful 30 burpees at the end) – then repeat. Welcome to WCB kids!!!

Training on Wednesday followed a similar pattern (although I had slightly fewer nerves this time) and Saturday was the big day…. Gloves! A sober Friday night spent, amongst other things, googling the pros and cons of Perrier vs soda water (no – really) was followed with a bright and early start at Vanda on Saturday morning.  A gentle 7am jog around a very quiet CBD, entertaining the hawker centre guys en route, followed by a lesson in hand wraps. Now when we are all shadow boxing facing the mirror we actually look like we might know what we are doing!! Well – to those that don’t, anyway.

It was brilliant. Gloves on – two to a bag – and we’re off. This is what we are here to do. Even the “Philippino breakfast” (aka the most hideous takes on your standard burpees/mountain climbers/press ups) followed by a weigh in didn’t put me off… Bring on week 2!

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