Start your Muay Thai Journey the VANDA Way!

Start your Muay Thai Journey the VANDA Way!

If you’re just setting out on your Muay Thai journey you’re going to have heaps of burning motivation. Put that to good use and focus your training efforts on the techniques that will make you the best Muay Thai fighter you can be.

If you want to dive straight in and see how VANDA can make you the best Muay Thai fighter possible, grab yourself a free trial here. We have our own method with Muay Thai for beginners – and we can’t wait to get started!

Muay Thai Benefits

If you’re not yet convinced of the benefits of Muay Thai at VANDA, rest assured you’ll gain confidence, lose fat and avoid injury when you train with us. We’ll help you grow into the best Muay Thai fighter you can be while reaping all of the Muay Thai benefits possible.

What it takes to be the best: Footwork First

Footwork is absolutely pivotal in combat sports and Muay Thai is no different. Everything begins with your feet: your punching, kicking and kneeing power, your ability to dodge, move quickly out of danger or into opportunity. It all starts with your feet. It goes without saying that if your footwork is perfect you’re harder to hit, hit harder and save a lot of energy. It’s one of the key things we think people should focus on with Muay Thai for beginners in Singapore – or anywhere else for that matter.

What is good footwork then?

Your feet need to be around shoulder width, this gives you power and fluidity when moving. Much like boxing – you put your best foot back. If you’re more powerful with your right hand – your right foot goes slightly behind. This allows you to use your footwork and body to generate even more power when striking with this side of your body. 

Now, we’ve already said that the Muay Thai stance is like a boxing stance, and it is. But it’s not exactly the same. The boxer uses their arm to cover most of their body, effectively using it as a shield – reducing the size of the target for their opponent. In Muay Thai, the legs are also used to strike so you need a more solid platform to launch attacks (and defence) from all angles.

The best fighters tend to keep their weight evenly distributed over their feet, keeping their balance for a solid defence and powerful attack.

Don’t worry, we’ve got personal mentors at VANDAIf you’re a beginner in Muay Thai, put the correct foot forward and gain all of the benefits Muay Thai has to offer. Start the Vanda way. who can help you to become the best Muay Thai fighter you can be. Even if you just want to lose a few lbs and get fitter, they’re there to help – grab a free trial now.

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