Summer Body? No thanks. How about a body for life?

Summer Body? No thanks. How about a body for life?

Summer is coming and, although we’re lucky enough to have year-round sun, there’s a renewed focus on ‘the summer body’. 

According to the fitness industry, now is the time of year that you’ve got to start getting into your ‘summer shred’. Ready for the beach holidays, cocktails and banana boating, right? 

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that – per se! At the VANDA boxing community, we like to think that you can (and should) focus on your body for life. The key to fitness for life is something more sustainable than ‘blasting your abs for your 2-week summer shred’.

So, what do you do? Short of signing up for a boxing trial with our boxing community obviously! You could step inside the ring, boxing your heart out!? For most people that’s a little too extreme though, so here’s what you can do. 


Habits can make or break your fitness goals. They say, ‘you are what you do’. We recently posted about habits and how to make fitness a part of your life, check it out here.By forming habits that help you reach your goals, you’ll be making progress and not breaking your back doing it. 

Fitting Fitness In

Okay, at VANDA we know that sometimes you’re going to eat more than you should. Our boxing community is made up of real people, and enjoying food is central to most people’s lives. There are ways to avoid pigging out too much though. If you’ve got an event or party, try following a few of our top tips. Don’t go there hungry (that way, you won’t want to pig out), and focus on eating protein rich foods if you can. Since they’re much more filling.

Focus on Performance

If you focus on aesthetics (how you look) you might end up doing one too many bicep curls. Focusing on performance of your chosen sport or goals will help you make consistent progress. Those that focus on performance rather than how they look – are more likely to be in good shape too. Aesthetics often follow performance. Boxers require high levels of stamina and strength. Working towards these levels of fitness will naturally mean you’ll burn a load of calories and lose fat. 

Before you think you need to jump into the ring, boxing your way to fitness. You might consider a boxing free trial at VANDA. We’re a boxing community with our members at the heart of everything we do. 

If you do want to sign up to a boxing free trial, click here– we’d love to see you soon.

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