The Art and Science of Counterpunching

The Art and Science of Counterpunching

Counter punching might just be the greatest boxing defence. The true meaning of the phrase “The best defence is a good offense.” It’s a true hybrid of the true. 

But you may be left wondering how to increase your reflex speed so you can counterpunch. We’ve got you covered. It’s less about reflexes and more about observation.

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  1. Watch your opponent: Their hands and their body will often telegraph what they are going to do before they do it. It may only be a split second, but if you watch their hands you’ll see it coming. This gives you the time to take evasive and then offensive action. Watch their hands next time you spar with an opponent. 
  2. Learn, and do it early on:You might have the greatest boxing defence but everyone gets tired. Watch your opponent and learn their patterns early on. Their patterns and habits will often become exaggerated by the later stages of a fight – they’re tired. This could lead to a perfect counterpunch opportunity. 
  3. Backing up isn’t a good idea:How many KO punches have you seen thrown (and land) when a boxer is backing up, retreating out of danger? Not many. We haven’t seen many in our boxing gym in Singapore either. Stand your ground, learn to weave, to feint and to slip while coming back at your opponent with a counterpunch.

Weather The Storm

Sometimes, when you first start boxing, a fighter will try to overwhelm you with a flurry of punches. Don’t be afraid to stand toe to toe with them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike back. We often see this in professional fights – the moment when one fighter loses his cool and goes at the other with everything he has got. It usually means the end of that fighter’s bout.

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