The Benefits of Jump Rope / Skipping

The Benefits of Jump Rope / Skipping

The Benefits of Jump Rope / Skipping

Muay Thai classes in Singapore might not always include jump rope in their training. Whatever combat sport you’re practicing, whether it’s boxing in Singapore or kickboxing elsewhere, skipping has many benefits to offer you.

What Benefits?

If you’re kickboxing in Singapore, you’re probably already skipping or jump roping in most of your training sessions – if you aren’t, get jumping!


Jump rope provides you with an excellent cardiovascular workout and is a useful tool in any conditioning toolkit. It’s not too hard on your central nervous system and the better you get the easier it is on your joints and muscles. 


Any combat sport practitioner will tell you that coordination is importance. When you go to Muay Thai classes in Singapore you’d better hope that they’re hammering home the importance of jump rope for coordination. It is the art of 8 limbs after all. Jump rope requires you to move all of your limbs at once and you can vary the movements to add more complexity. 

Light on Your Feet

Shifting your weight from foot to foot, over and over means you’ll learn to move gently, quickly and with poise. Muay Thai classes in Singapore should focus on the importance of footwork and jump rope fits the bill in this respect. 


We’ve all seen lumbering heavyweights plodding around the ring without much balance or grace. So if you’re boxing in Singapore, try to do it a little differently. Jump rope will improve your overall balance, you’ll be tougher to knock down and quicker on your feet.

Okay, so these are some important benefits for any fighter to obtain. Let’s take a look at how you can work towards them.

How We’ll Guide You

If you want to find out how to jump rope like a boxer or Muay Thai warrior, you’re welcome to try out our Muay Thai classes in Singapore for free. We’re proud to consider ourselves as a boxing and Muay Thai community, our members are there to help each other and our personal mentors are there to help (for free) too. 

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